Protocol For Emergency ZOMG Updates

We need governance tool rather than 50 or 100 people deciding the fate of zcash on the forum we need proper polls…
Zcash governance tool should be made within the software by locking the zec for certain time till the poll ends this ensures accurate polls
Let’s do Something better and faster


it was in the original version of 1014 that the zfnd would have worked something out by now. but in the update it got pushed back to the end of this year.

We have tried several different styles like this @amiller is the biggest proponent so it might be worth looking through his old posts. He has designed and implemented systems we tried to use. Sybil attacks are an issue tho.

Look at the Heartwood vote. I :heart: 1TXcho

but we need to get past this design by committee stage. Hopefully when we get a new director for the foundation we will get some more traction on things.

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Isn’t zebra designed to overcome all this obstacles?

yes and no

I would say the MGRC/ZOMG with zebra is designed to overcome this. The problem as you have pointed out is lack of software diversity in the ecosystem.

Zebra is certainly going to help, but currently it is in the spirit of cooperation. The only “voting” zebra will allow is if you take a network upgrade or not, which may or may not be in zcashd. (I think, lol)

btw, in a different thread you are replying to sonya, she left the zfnd about a year ago, so probably wont get a response.

I think currently we are getting there. We certainly are aiming for the same goals - except PoS, i hate it, others love it - i really dont want to talk about it :slight_smile: