Protocol Questions


I have some questions regarding the protocol and transactions that i cant really understand form the spec. I have tried to contact people on the channel but havent been able to get much information out of it.
My questions are:

  1. Is there way for the sender to view the details of a transaction, same way it is possible for the receiver to view transactions with his viewing key? The concept page mentions its possible but it is "determined by the address type".

  2. When the user converts shielded Zecs to transparent is there a JoinSplit transaction happening to make this conversion?

  3. Can the transaction be limited to a particular value? for example transaction has to be exactly 2 Zecs?

If the answer can be given in as much detail as possible i would really appreciate it!

I don't know why your question isn't being answered maybe a memebr of the zcashco staff will respond have you tried emailing your question or looking for an answer in the FAQs

Most people here are unpaid miners or devs and many have moved or are moving over to the Zclassic fork which dosen't have a 20% fee on mining, I think you'll find better support over there.

Good luck :slight_smile: