😢 Public Apology

I owe an apology to the community and its members, specifically to @daira , @ml_sudo, @amiller , @ChileBob, @Shawn, @Antonie, @anon16456014 and perhaps many others I’ve offended with my adversarial, impatient style of communication, especially during the formation of our new devfund and forum moderation debates.

During my suspension, I have thought a lot about what I’ve done to create an unproductive environment for our community.

My choice of words and images were purposely alarming to trigger an emotional and/or immediate response. They made people feel personally attacked and, therefore, uneasy and unwelcomed in a space that must remain open for collaboration.

While I will continue to disagree with even the most popular ideas in the community and hope to impact positive change, I promise to do so in a more constructive, less distracting manner.

Thank you for your attention on this matter. No reply necessary.