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This thread is for users to provide feedback on Moderating policies and decisions.

Let’s talk about ASIC mining

AL888 has been permanently banned from this forum for repetitive suspensions and violations of the Code of Conduct.

Price Speculation

AL has been our fellow troll for a long time, and personally I feel sad for this decision.

Couldn’t we just accept he has tourette syndrome and doesn’t insult on purpose? I don’t think user are offended by his posts, but more entertained.

My life feels so empty


4 suspensions show that they have no interest in changing their behavior. Telling a Zcash Developer, or any other Community member to perform a sexual act on you is absolutely unacceptable on any Forum.


I was amused by him for a while too, but seriously just no. If anything we probably erred in moderation by allowing him four suspensions, rather than an earlier permanent ban.

There’s no evidence for this. Please don’t armchair-diagnose; it’s disrespectful to anyone who actually has that condition and doesn’t behave badly.


You can never truly ban someone. All you do is make them come back under a new nickname and new account!


Perhaps, but multiple accounts from the same IP addresses can be seen. Thier behavior can be seen, which if they don’t follow the community rules will result in another ban.

I don’t like banning users, I think the best approach is to explain what is expected and follow several steps:

First being direct contact with asking to edit a offending post, second being a warning, third being a time period suspension, very last resort being a permanent ban.

In this case the user has been time period suspended 4 times prior showing that they are well aware of the expected behavior but yet still return to offend again. Permanent banning is the last option available to show we do care and enforce community forums code if conduct:

EDIT: I should also note that I don’t make the Code of Conduct. Those are set by the Zcash Foundation and Moderators have the responsibility to abide and enforce them.


That’s what VPN’s are for. :no_mouth:


You are right and I’m sorry for acting so poorly.

Also, I don’t know about all of AL’s comments and I’m noticing some very offensive.

I’ve quickly brainstormed the first things that came into my head, in his defense, without even really realizing the harm he was spreading.


I was one of the ones that flagged the post in question. I can’t see neither anything entertaining nor anything usefull in such posts.

I’am pretty sure most of us are here to discuss and share opinions and not to be entertained on the lowest possible level. Banning such people is the only option and all i wonder why a perma bann took that long anyway…