Question about an idea

Can I use the zero knowlegde technology (I don’t know how it works) to create a system, where there is zero knowledge for time stampers about the meaning of a timestamp?

I mean it like that: There is a lot of forums etc, that is, if you can post and don’t get deleted, it offers timestamps for data, which can be manipulated. If all that could be reached by manipulating is the break-down of the whole system but not individual coin holders, wouldn’t that be a pow-free system that I could actually trust?

The protocol would be this: Dear time stamper, have you seen hash 0xcafebabe?
Possible answer bits: 1 yes or 0 no. The time stampers must be extremely simple. The case that it has seen it (been asked about it) already and lies, must be considered.
And then the coin clients ask random time stampers things, and they try to use it as this big color graph thingy from the zero-knowlegde math.
Ok, well, I have at least tried it. :wink:

Sorry for creating a post that is too similar to Can Zero-Knowledge Proofs Disintermediate Mining?