Question for the technically competent about storage

Once the spam problem is fixed, is there a way to restore the network to its pre-spam state? It’s a somewhat silly question with an obvious answer “No”, but from what I can see, before the spam, the blockchain was over 230% lighter, which gives me hope that we can return to those levels with a hard fork, perhaps. Is this possible?

It would be impossible without a hard-fork to my understanding. And it is likely practically speaking impossible because the Zcash ecosystem has no certain means to know that all of the “SPAM” isn’t actually critical, valid, valuable information committed to the chain (and paid for along the way) by some unknown Zcash user(s).

What will be possible are technological solutions that make working with the bloated blockchain less cumbersome.


Yes, there can be found solutions to work with the “bloated” blockchain, the problem is that the heavier the blockchain, the more prohibitive it is to maintain a full node. I wasn’t there when the blockchain was about 40gb but I would have liked to.

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This is the one I use, It’s really not cost prohibitive it’s just annoying with the time and data expended to sync the chain but even if there was no spam the blocks can still be filled with normal txs up to about 2.5 gigabytes per day


As we have said before, user-side, or client-side solutions can be found. I was interested in whether there were blockchain-side solutions. But if you say that even in non-spam condition the blocks can be filled up to 2.5gb per day, then there is no blockchain side problem to solve :+1:


Recursive proofs. Mina whole blockchain is 22kb small.

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Used in Halo2, so Orchard only right?