R9 290x vs gtx 1060 vs radeon hd 7990

Ok im deciding between getting a gtx 1060, a r9 290x, or a radeon hd 7990. Electricity is dirt cheap so dont even consider that into your calculations. Thank you!

the 1060 beats them all, in performance and price for a new one

They are all about $200 used.

@CitricAcid awesome so get a 1060?

You can get a new 1060 3GB for around $200, so I’d say go for that over a used 290x or 7990. The other 2 do hash faster, but they are more expensive and used when I check prices. GTX 1060 Mining Speed Comparison

I had a HD7990, cheap to buy but huge power consumption. Stick with the Nivida cards and you can get the same hashrate for half the electric bill.