Hd 7950 worth it?

I’m looking for a new gpu for my rig. I would like to find something $50 or lower but the Radeon hd 7950 does look for its price. Is it a good zcash gpu? Also is there a ok zcash gpu under $50? I get free power so it’s really only the hashrate that I care about. Thanks!

I have a HD7900 that I use to run nicehash , @ current rates (10/4/17) I get $0.87 a day

Alright so it would take about 110-120 days to pay off. Hmm. Do you know any cards that get decent hash rates in the $50 range?

No I do not… about the best eco. card is going to be the 7950 or the 1050ti for the $$ spent

Yep, can confirm. 1050 ti and HD7970 are awesome. We have 2 of each and they rock :wink:

I have a dozen 7970’s, two 7950’s and 4 1050tis. The 7970/50 cards are less money (used) and get much better hash than the 1050ti, but they suck up power like mad. The 7970’s around 270-290h/s, the 7950’s about 245h/s and the 1050ti’s get about 150h/s. The 1050ti’s, however, use about 85w. The AMD ones use about 1200w per mining computer…if my memory is correct.

I recommend strongly that you go with the most efficient cards you can get. For the few bucks you’ll spend up front, you’ll save in power costs.

Also, the 1050ti’s dont need a PSU connector so you can build a miner with a basic (and quality) PSU.

Good luck!