Ready to mine AWS image

Hello everyone,

I am selling ready to mine AWS image (AMI) allowing you to fastly deploy a mining operation and easily take profit from EC2 spot instances pricing:

  • mining starts automatically at instance startup

  • pre-configured with your favorite pool and your zcash adress

  • 70sol/s with c4.8xlarge (which can be auctionned for as low as $0.25/h - best way to use your aws credits :slight_smile: )

  • one free upgrade when better miner become available

Price: 0.15 btc (escrow accepted)

PM me if interested

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Is this a joke?

Ready to mine ‘image’ is simply a pasted script in the user-data field of an Amazon EC2 ‘spot instance’. People can figure this out for themselves dude.

For anyone interested; i’ve written how to do this countless times in my previous posts.


Are AWS instances good for GPU mining? :S

Why would you sell the mining instance? answer: because it’s more profitable than mining and less risky

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AWS instances are CPU mining.

…20 days late

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I understand your question, but you know, people are buying cloud mining contracts… Some people seem to look for turnkey solutions.

So, I am just offering a way to mine zcash which is as easy as cloud mining but way cheaper (taking into account aws credits).

As regards, the AMI which was made available 20days ago, it is just a completely different thing…

Ummm that’s not profitable for any one. I’m sorry I know you’re trying to make a buck but this is not an ideal solution… buyer be warned. Cheaper to go by a gpu and mine at home. Lol

Actualy it is profitable if you use aws credits (there are a lot distributed for free at schools or during tech events). You can even imagine buying such credits (however I am not sure if that is compliant with aws t&c).

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when the price dropped so much that it would no longer be profitable, I took down my “mine by default” aws image, and stuck one up that is just a full node by default.

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even solo mining on a single GPU, you’ll be waiting a while to meet your ROI.
if srs and have $2.5-3K, buy a dozen GPUs (best for value: rx 470), a celeron (sol/s don’t matter) etc. and get on a pool!

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Excellent point given this exception. :+1::+1:

Pool is way to go since 2010

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