Renting Hashing Power

Is there any other service except Nicehash or MiningRigRentals where I can rent hashing power?

Thank you

genesis mining and some others…I see ads for it fly by on twitter in my “zcash” search column in tweetdeck a lot

I looked at your website, and it looks good. But I have some questions. Why do you not accept zcash as a means of payment? And which plan would I need to purchase to generate about one zcash coin per month?

I think you’ll pay more than buying directly Zec…

So you think it would be better to stick to buying zcash on an exchange? According to their site you end up paying $40-50 a coin. Right now it is trading at $59 on the exchange I use.

I bought Genesis Mining a contract in October which i paid almost 130 150$ i don’t remember.

Since then i got 0.200 ZEC … it’s quite ridiculous, if i would have buy ZEC at 20$ or even now at 60$ I would be in better position.

It’s my experience with genesis, i don’t know GPU mining but if the miners where profitable would they even sold it for contract? Why not keeping full profit for themselves?

I don’t know, you make your choice and math, i got pwn by mining contract, take care.

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Thanks for the tip! My exchange allows you to loan out your ZEC and earn interest. May be I shall just stick to that. I do not want to get stuck with an unprofitable contract.

So it looks like I would need to purchase the 500 H/s plan since I want to earn a minimum of one ZEC a month. Am I correct? Also are hashes per second the same as solutions per second? And finally are payments made lump sum or monthly?

By renting, I mean what Nicehash and MiningRigRentals do. I want to direct hashing power to the pool I am in.

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So I would pay you $2,250 up front, and then over the course of three years I would earn around one ZEC every three weeks. Is this correct? According to my math that comes to a little under $47 a coin. I am sorry for the endless questions, but I am really quite ignorant about these things.

Nice farm u have there keep up the good work!

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The start is very good so i think u’ll be one of the big players on the market if u keep this road good luck!

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great website, and fast response when I had a minor issue!

1 year 1000 H/s costs $2500 and given current hashrate of 56894642 and price of $58.49 in a year you would expect to receive 46.19 ZEC. So that’s $2701 so pretty much just break even.

This excludes the fact that network hashrate will likely increase (there are many factors here such as a price rise, new hardware, updated software, miners switching from other coins).

Cloud mining is nearly always going to be worse than buying directly particularly if you dollar cost average in your investment.

Yes I did read your post but it doesn’t change the bottom line you are almost always going to be better off buying directly. You appreciate if you write “with an expected increase in Zcash value it will still be a profit” you are yourself implying that the majority of any expected profits are to be yielded by the appreciation in the Zcash price.

3-year contracts have such a massive unknown as to the global hashrate.

Sorry but that’s clearly demonstrably false. Of course there is some correlation between the ZEC price and hashrate but there are many factors that cause the hashrate to increase including software/hardware developments and also the relative performance of ZEC mining to other coins which may be GPU mined (ETH being the prime example).

I have never mentioned mining at home and am not comparing your service to that albeit you are making some overblown assumptions there.

I’ll repeat, simply buying ZEC directly will almost always outperform cloud mining returns with dramatically less risk.

OK, if that’s your argument I won’t continue this any further I’d just advise everyone to do the calculations before you purchase any cloud mining contract. (Clearly there are margins on mining which tend to become compressed over time - paying someone for this sort of service reduces the margin to close to, or likely less than, zero).

You clearly can’t guarantee customers profits. And the issue with you potentially going out of business is another reason why buying any long term contract would be a risk (a risk you do not have with direct buys).

It’s interesting you frame your response this way which I’ll assume is deliberate. I’ll repeat, simply buying ZEC directly will almost always outperform cloud mining returns with dramatically less risk.

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yup, payouts have been coming in smoothly every day!

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I work off a similar basis of 10,000 H/s equating to about 1 ZEC per day…and that is assuming the difficulty stays on average around or under 1 million each day - which it has recently.