Genesis Mining VS Zeropond

Which one is better? I want to rent hashrate to do mining, which one should I choose?

I bought from GM because

They are cheaper
They got bigger Serverfarm (and I think one of the largest Z pool)
They are not new in cloud market
They are not living in a bigbro country

Anyways I respect also the ZP guys, which are more active here…

Do u think you will make profit? im thinking about getting a contract myself so im wondering if it will be worth it.

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Of course he believes he’ll profit. Or he wouldn’t buy the contract…

I just bought the 30H/s contract for $2600 for the year.
Since Genesis is bigger than the others, I feel strongly they’ll win the price wars and end up being the highest on hashrate per dollar.

Would have preferred if they had 3-month contracts though. The first 3 months, the price should be out of this world due to hype and low emission. Would prefer 120H/s for the quarter, but I understand their business model and feel strongly they’ll deliver.

I will probably additionally purchase a contract from both Toomim Bros and ZeroPond.


Do u think its better to get also 30 h/s or 100 h/s? i was thinking about 100 h/s but not sure if it will pay off.

If you don’t care to loose it all go for 120H/s. I hope to make profit, but I also know it’s a high risk investment.

The reason why I was going to cloud mining was because I think there will no be stable mining software/large pool. This is also the reason why the cloud mininers get huge profit $$$$ =) at the moment, compared with other cryptocurrencies.

Without that the big players take it all.

I also bought 30h/s, but I will not upgrade. I will look how many ZEC’s I earn per Week. And if it’s lucrative I will go with 10K and build my own mining rigs.

Also think about security and hope that no black hacker find a vulnerability…

Just make sure you use code Kh79zP for 3% off on genesis mining. Not much but it helps.

Could I ask if you’re happy with the results of being a customer? What are the exact numbers so far? Super curious : ) Thank you!

sure you can ask. I receive every day 0.01 Zec ;-). So yeah I will lose most of my investment in GM. But it was unclear to me if there will be GPU miner public @ start.

I knew it was a high risk investment, but the greed make me blind. Im not angry of GM at all, they make just business.

I’ve been a fan of Genesis Mining for a long time (mostly cause i got scammed by other mining companies that turned out to be pyramid schemes).

GM is still around, but doesn’t mean they are profitable. I made an article about their contracts being overpriced.


Genesis Mining is currently giving me $1.00-2.00 USD a day with a $2000.00 USD investment in a 1 year Zcash contract… not a wise investment, and it will fall even more with ZEC prices falling… be careful

no one win nothing with cloud mining $2600,00 for 30hs , this guys are mad, i do 450 hs with my miner and receive $10,00 for day, take care where you invest your money, do you can do yours calculate here