Request for community comments on current Draft ZIPs

(cross-posting from this zcash-ecosystem-dev post: [zcash-ecosystem-dev] Request for community comments on current Draft ZIPs)

There are a few Draft ZIP that we (the ZIP Editors, myself and Daira) would like to see more discussion on before merging. You can find them here:

Draft ZIP 210: [ZIP 210] Sapling Anchor Deduplication within Transactions by str4d · Pull Request #212 · zcash/zips · GitHub

Draft ZIP 308: (note that this ZIP is nearly complete, but still has an open comment for implementation: [ZIP 308] Sprout to Sapling Migration by daira · Pull Request #197 · zcash/zips · GitHub)

Additionally, I expect we will have more ZIP PRs open for comment after this weekend with the NU3 deadline coming up on March 31st, but I will reach out to this list and the forum for more comments shortly.


P.S. more info on the call for NU3 ZIPs here: Call for NU3 ZIPs and Network Upgrade Pipeline Process Changes - #8 by Shawn

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