Request for NU3 Draft ZIP Feedback

Hi Everyone!

On February 18th, Electric Coin Company called for Draft ZIPs for Network Upgrade 3 (NU3), due by March 31st. Since we’re now at the beginning of April, we wanted to post a list of the ZIPs submitted in that timeframe for discussion. Please take a look at the below ZIPs that have been submitted and provide feedback about those ZIPs in the GitHub tickets for the ZIPs or via the Zcash Ecosystem Development List, as per the process outlined in ZIP0. These ZIPs will also be emailed out to that list in order to fully follow the ZIP review process. Electric Coin Company and the Zcash Foundation will be providing feedback on these ZIPs as well.

Did you submit a Draft ZIP that we somehow missed? Please email it out to the Zcash Ecosystem Development List and comment on this forum post to let us know! Otherwise, we hope to hear your feedback via the GitHub tickets or via the Zcash Ecosystem Development List on the Draft ZIPs listed above!

4/2/19: Edited to clarify that you can provide ZIP feedback in the GitHub tickets for the ZIP or to the email list.


Is ‘harmony mining’ included?

There are no Harmony Mining Draft ZIPs that have been submitted for Network Upgrade 3.

Mary, what is the next deadline for this process?

Is ‘Harmony Mining’ abandoned, or it is still in research? @zooko

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The next deadline in this process is “Feature Selection Complete” on May 31. That milestone is when Electric Coin Company decides which of the ZIPs are going to be included in the Company-supported version of Zcash. The purpose of the next two months is for the community, Foundation and ECC to provide feedback on the ZIP Drafts and for the writers of the ZIP Drafts to flesh out the ZIPs more fully. The ZIPs need to be in a final state (spec design completed, rationale completed, etc.) before May 31 in order to be included in NU3. As a reference for everyone, here is the timeline outlined for NU3 and NU4.


I also wanted to provide a point of clarification on how to find the text of the ZIP Drafts for the ZIPs listed above. When you click on the links listed above, it will take you to a PR in GitHub. If you move over to “Files Changed” near the top of the PR, you can read the text of the ZIPs.

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@lixujason Harmony Mining will not be in Blossom this year, and I don’t see it as a ZIP as listed above so it will not likely be in NU3 unless something changes.

See my comments in another thread regarding the postponement of Harmony mining: Announcing Zcash Blossom and proposed feature goals - #57 by Shawn

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I don’t know if the Electric Coin Company will prioritise Harmony Mining for NU4 or not. We’re going to be plenty busy with all of the things we’re already committed too, plus NU3, for the next half a year or so, at least.

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Got it…There will be plenty of hashrate after ethereum pos switch. It is a pity that zcash network would not attract these GPUs.

Most of these are beyond my understanding, but I’m super excited to see multisig and staked polling! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :slight_smile: