Request for ZK circuit usage statistics

I can’t find it anywhere, so I’m asking you knowledgeable community members:

  • How many T-Z transactions have been made to Sprout, and how many to Sapling?
  • How many Z-Z transactions happened in Sprout, and how many in Sapling?
  • Can you still make a Z-Z transaction in Sprout?
  • Is there any effort to approximate the amount of easy-to-deanonymize transactions? (Meaning when it’s easy to connect a T-Z and a Z-Z due to the amount, the timing, or both.)
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@scorn, I don’t have the numbers you ask for at hand, but here is some published research (a lot of it supported by Zcash Foundation grants) on analyzing the privacy of Zcash:

and also:

I just ran the stats up to block 645576. This is a monthly breakdown but it includes all the totals for everything you asked in the last line. In the output Shielding is t->z and Deshielding is z->t with Shielded being z->z.

You can also validate this yourself should you wish - I posted this previously here: Measuring Shielded Adoption

Yes, it’s still possible to do z->z on Sprout, as you can see there were 24 for example this month.

Looks like fully shielded Sapling (17191) has just passed fully shielded Sprout (16537) this month.