RFI -- Zapa

Goal: Provide a POS implementation of Zcash which runs on Snowball Consensus

Git: https://github.com/zapalabs

Simply, Zapa forks Zcash and deploys a forked Zcash VM to an Avalanche Subnet. With little modifications to the Zcash code, we are able to achieve a Zcash blockchain fully powered by proof of stake. In addition to POS, Snowball Consensus provides transaction finality as well as high throughput.

I’m writing on this forum because I want to seek the best way to involve the Zcash community in this project. Currently this project is live on a testnet, and I am working on a wallet and bridging mechanism before launching in production.

Why does this project want/need a grant?

  • Developers for the initiatives mentioned above. Currently I do most of the dev, and I also hire developers for one-off bounty tasks. See this tweet for example. We are looking to onboard one or two devs in a full-time capacity to bring this project to production.

How would this contribute value to ZEC holders?
This is what I’d like most input on. Some ideas:

  • In exchange for a grant, existing ZEC holders will receive Genesis ZAPA tokens
  • ZEC users can, in perpetuity exchange ZEC for ZAPA (hard to enforce)
  • Open to any other ideas the community has

Welcome to the forum @rkasszapa. Community members who want to learn more about Zapa and weigh in on Ryan’s RFI can visit the following links for additional information: