Zapa Labs Solves PoS transition for Zcash?

Hi Zodlers,

So I was lucky to read on twitter that someone created, to the best of my knowledge, PoS version of Zcash… is this true? I know that @zooko has reached out to him through twitter.

Repo: GitHub - zapalabs/zapa

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To answer your question, I don’t think so.

The project developer also announced the project on Discord. It’s a Zcash fork on Avalanche, currently still in development. I’m not sure how does it work as I’m not familiar with the Avalanche ecosystem. Hopefully something cool turns out from it.


It’s great to see someone experiment with Zcash node & tech running as a subnet under Avalanche. ZAPA validators also need to become an Avalanche validator on main-net which requires locking in 2000 AVAX ~$120,000.

I’m excited about this experiment and look forward to how much value can be locked inside a private shielded network running under a public network & avalanche consensus mechanism. ZAPA is a huge improvement over pass-through privacy tech like Sherpa Cash.

Zcash on the other hand is moving ahead to trustless pools & building Shielded Assets, and ZEC integrations with the crypto ecosystem continue to grow every day.


Interesting stuff


I think it would be a good idea for Zcash to become an Avalanche subnet. Let the Avalanche team work on consensus and other infrastructure such as wallets, so the ECC and other Zcash devs could focus solely on the Zcash VM which is where their expertise and competitive edge lies.

It’s true that it takes 2000 AVAX to become an active validator, but let’s look at the alternative. If Zcash were to become a pBFT chain based on Tendermint (which is what the ECC is leaning towards if recent hirings are anything to go by), active validators would be capped to the top ~175 validators. To crack the top 175 validators in Cosmos you need over 40000 ATOM, which is over $400,000 at current prices. I imagine it would cost something similar in a Tendermint-based Zcash chain to become an active validator.

Since Tendermint seems to be the currently preferred solution by the ECC, let’s compare a couple of other things. Cosmos time to finality is 6 seconds, for Avalanche it’s 1 second. Current interop reach in Cosmos is still great, even with the collapse of Terra, and subnet interop is not yet live in Avalanche (you can also see there are barely any active subnets in Avalanche). But Avalanche subnets are still in their infancy and believe me they will explode. Another point for consideration is that Avalanche subnets have the choice between two different consensus algorithms, Snowman and Avalanche, depending on whether you need a totally ordered chain (smart contracts), or could do with a partial order DAG. I see that the Zapa Labs implementation uses Snowman consensus, but seeing as Zcash has no smart contract functionality (and will not in any near future as private smart contracts still have major unsolved scaling problems unless you use trusted hardware) I see no reason Zcash couldn’t be modified to be a DAG instead of a blockchain, and thus use the even faster Avalanche consensus. AFAIK there is no DAG-optimized version of Tendermint. I see there is a bulletpoint to research DAG-based systems on the Zcash Github, has there been any words from devs on this?

Zcash would be one of the if the not the biggest subnet on Avalanche, and is such a high profile name that I think the Avalanche team would not hesitate to integrate good Zcash support in their infrastructure such as their sweet looking wallet.