RFP - Zcash Ecosystem Security Lead (2023)

Dear ZCG Committee,

Thesis Defense is thrilled to have the opportunity to submit a proposal for the Zcash Ecosystem Security Lead RFP. Thank you for taking the time to discuss the RFP and providing nuanced insight into the needs of the committee and the community at large.

Thesis Defense is a new team that consists of a group of senior security researchers who have extensive security experience in the decentralized technology space and within the Zcash ecosystem. Our make up is a hand-picked group of senior auditors and cryptographers that have worked together extensively in past roles.

We’re incredibly excited about developing a new audit standard for a variety of technologies and languages, including various protocols, wallets / browser extensions, crypto libraries, bridges, and smart contracts. You can read a bit more about why we decided to co-found Thesis Defense here.

We look forward to submitting a proposal that outlines how Thesis Defense and the ZCG committee can best partner to both provide security audits to the Zcash ecosystem and ensure the committee and community has the security support it needs to maintain a robust and comprehensive security-posture.

Many thanks for the opportunity and for your consideration of our proposal. We look forward to a thoughtful and constructive discussion following the submission.