Running Version 1.1.1 or 2.0.0 - Deprecation warning at block 396512

Hi Community,

Quick question. When I’m running zcashd it is showing me the below error message:

- Warning: This version will be deprecated at block height 396512, and will automatically shut down. You should upgrade to the
_ latest version of Zcash. To disable deprecation for this version, set ‘disabledeprecation’ to ‘1.1.1’._

When I run: zcashd -version it is telling me I’m running 1.1.1.
When I run: sudo get-apt update and upgrade zcash it is telling me 'zcash is already the newest version (2.0.0).

Block 396512 is getting closer and I would like to be safe and up-to-date correctly. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Your Node is running 1.1.1. Else it wouldn’t throw that error. Sounds like you may have downloaded the 2.0.0 version but the core Zcashd has not been updated. Stop your node and run the build steps as outlined here:

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The Debian packages don’t automatically restart zcashd. So after upgrading, you need to run zcash-cli stop followed by starting zcashd again, in order to actually run the new version.

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Thanks! The manual compile did the job:

~/zcash$ ./src/zcash-cli --version
Zcash RPC client version v2.0.0