Running zcashd on mobile

Has anyone tried running zcashd on Android mobile devices?

I’ve read @garethtdavies post about cross-compiling for ARMv8 and running on a Raspberry pi. Obviously RAM is a concern, but with newer devices shipping with 4GB or more this is becoming less of an issue.

There are other concerns as well, like drain on battery and disk usage. But those notwithstanding, the option could be very useful for some users and would help contribute to the decentralization of the Zcash network.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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Android has a completely different system file layout than regular linux. You may be able to run zcashd aarch64 on a distribution of linux for android. Not sure it’s worth the trouble since you need ~60 Gb of disk space for the blockchain too.

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I’ve had some success running arm64 zcashd on Android (with builds from here: Releases · adityapk00/zcash · GitHub), although it needed a lot of hacking around. Like @hanh said, the file system is different, and you also need to execute the binaries via adb or some other interface.

Also, it’s very slow :frowning:

So, unless you have a strong reason to do it, I’d just use a Raspberry Pi or something (where it is reasonably fast)


I’m actually looking forward to experiment with running zcashd on Purism– Librem 5
Just need Purism to ship my device that was pre-ordered 3 years ago!

There is a scenario in the future where the desktop & mobile OS convergence happens and the battery, RAM, HDD space is aplenty.

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