Is there a way to compile on one computer and clone to another?


Since the minimum requiremtn to complie zcash is 8gb of memory - but for mining isnt, I was wondering if there’s a way to complie zcash on one linux box and copy\clone it to a few others?

Thanks in advance!

Works like a charm for me - all you need to copy are the binaries - zcashd and zcash-cli.
Might be a good idea to download the keys once and copy them as well.
In my case i have a little miner VM image that i just copy between machines.

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Also, where did you get that 8Gb for compile figure?
I had no problems compiling it on a machine with 4Gb.

I eventually just ran the wallet, and its working and mining fine.
Althu benchmarking a 8 core 12gb memory computer vs this 4core 4gb memory computer - I get almost the same resualts, ~0.033h/sec.

How is this possible?

[quote=“zcashio, post:4, topic:1794”]How is this possible?[/quote]AFAIK, the benchmark is single-threaded.


Transferring binaries between systems should work provided that the distributions are identical. I suspect that this can only be achieved reliably if you’re copying to VMs that are identically configured (apart from memory allocation which shouldn’t be significant).

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