Russian promotion


I am Mikhail, 38-year-old crypto enthusiast from Kiev, Ukraine.

My mission is translate the most interesting themes from cryptocurrency’s world
to Russian and Ukrainian community from 2013.

Now I’m translator of 90% articles in, the №1 russian site about fintech.

I am an original author who has acquainted all russian-spoke bitcoiners with:

Darkcoin (DASH)
http:// darkcoin-dash/

http:// mastercoin/

http:// cryptonote/

http:// ethereum/

and zero knowledge (14.02.2015)

http:// zero-knowledge-proof/

is my translation of this article

I am delighted with beauty of the mathematical idea of zero knowledge
and is ready to help advance Zcoin economics in every possible way.

I was ready to get Russian promotion of Zcoin by translating, software
localization, writing articles, making blogs, sites, groups and more.

Also can flyently write and spoke in Ukrainian.



Excellent! Welcome to the club! I hear that there is a VK community devoted to Zcash, and there are also Russian-language communities forming on this forum, on the Zcash Community Slack (, and on .

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