Connect Zecwallet FullNode to my external node on LAN

What I want to do is connect ZecWallet FullNode to my own node running at LAN.
I’m running ZecWallet on laptop but I do not want to run embedded node on it because it use large storage.

I’m using
Zcashd v2.1.1-1
ZecWallet FullNode v0.9.10 (by Appimage)

I found this document.

  1. I can’t find zcashd connection setting on current version of ZecWallet FullNode. Can I connect non embedded node from ZecWallet FullNode?
  2. Is it possible run ZecWallet FullNode which is appimage with -no-embedded option? Do I need compile my self?

I’m new to Zcash.
I hope some one will help me.
Thank you!

Hi @kannapoix , welcome to the forums!

I’m not sure how to remote to zcashd like you are trying to set up. However, if you’re concerned about storage you may want to consider using ZecWallet lite which doesn’t require the whole blockchain to be downloaded.

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Really thank you for you very quick response!

It’s seems good.
I found lightwalletd server.

If I can run my own backend server for lightclient, it could be get rid of my concerns on privacy and security.
I do more research on light wallet.

Thank you very much!


The easiest way to run a remote node with Zecwallet fullnode is to have the same Zcash.conf on both machines, and port forward the rpc port (8232) using ssh.

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Thank you.
Yes, you are correct.
Finally I connected my ZecWallet on my laptop to zcashd running another machine in LAN.
Port forward worked as it explained in this article.

My node settings and zecwallet setting was not matched.
My RPC port setting was wrong.

Anyway, I will try your lightclient server.
Thank you for your amazing work!

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