Sapling Launch Ecosystem Recap

Hi everyone! We’re a little less than a day past Sapling activation and I wanted to provide a quick recap on how adoption across the ecosystem is going. This list below is by no means comprehensive but just a few of the highlights of what we’ve seen in the hours after the activation.

  1. All major mining pools are producing blocks and hash rate is about the same as it was last night. As far as I could tell last night almost no mining pools had issues with the activation.
  2. I’ve heard from numerous exchanges including Gemini, Bithumb, Binance, and Bitfinex and they are all operational and had no unplanned down time.
  3. Various types of wallets such as Trezor, Coinomi, zec-qt-wallet, WinZEC are working well and experienced no downtime.
  4. and, two of the biggest block explorers, upgraded without any issues
  5. Jaxx pre-announced that their wallet would go down when they knew they wouldn’t be ready at activation, which I view as a very positive response and a responsible action on their part to inform and prepare their users. They are currently working diligently to return service to their users and Zcash company is supporting them in that effort.
  6. Ledger is finishing up their update which they planned to release soon after activation. I’ve followed up with the Ledger team and they are on schedule to push the update very soon.

Overall this upgrade went incredibly smoothly. So far the ecosystem has communicated clearly and proactively to their users and were very prepared. I want to say thank you to all of the companies that support Zcash for their hard work to be ready for this upgrade.

Now onward to z-address adoption!

Brad Miller