Securenodes similar to Zencash

Zencash are currently testing securenodes (similar to masternodes) - is Zcash looking to do something similar in the future?

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@daira - just wondering if you, or anyone else could comment on this post about securenodes?

I’m curious about this and also why this would be a better solution than say accessing a Zcash node over TOR.

Looks like no-one from Zcash team wants to respond!

I asked a similar question in the developer AMA yesterday Technical AMA w/ Zcash engineers Dec 8, 2017 noon PST - #5 by garethtdavies and see the replies from the devs. I think you can take that to mean no plans for ZenCash style securenodes but yes to improved TOR and I2P support in Zcash.