[SELLING] 2700 H/s Mining Rig Eu/Finland

I’m selling my mining rig. It gets 2700 h/s in zcash. Haven’t tested it in ethereum.

  • 6 x Asus Dual Gtx 1070
  • Asus Prime Z270-P
  • Intel Celeron G3900
  • 4GB DDR4
  • Silverstone Strider Gold 1500w
  • Open Air Aluminium Case

Asking price is 5000€. Shipping will be around 40€ to Europe, we can split the shipping costs.
Payment preferably with paypal. I will post pics later.

4500 and we got a deal. Got to get it shipped to Thailand safely though?? Mission impossible I suppose.

I can do 4500. And Usp will ship it to Thailand. I will send you a PM.

How long have you had it? What is reason for selling?
Can I pay in btc, and we keep funds in escrow till I know everything works

I have had it for two weeks. I’m selling it becouse electricity bill is too high and I need money. I would prefer paypal because it covers for both the buyer and the seller.

sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I decided not to do it, recently bought an Antminer so focusing on that more now and also think shipping to Thailand it will arrrive broken :frowning: