Selling my Rig [Offers]

I’m now selling my mining rig.

Anyway i have 4x Sapphire RX 480 Nitro 8GB

Payment only with ZEC, I will ship to any country as long your aware of the delivery charges that may apply.
I am in the UK and anyone within 50 miles of Bristol i will personally delivery it for 1 ZEC plus cost of rig.

Due to being a new user they have stopped me replying for a few hours or the day. it didn’t make sense but if your interested email my

What price do you need in ZEC?

1 Like New zec rig 750sol/s for sale.

I am selling for roughly 8 - 10 ZEC then delivery charge depending on where you are in the world

£500? Any good for you?

7ZEC… from belgium…

I have a friend in Bristol who wants to get into mining, i’ll ask him and see what he thinks.:slight_smile:

can you give me the full spec like hard drive, cpu, mainboard, psu… Thanks.

8.5 including delivery

Sorry I only accepting ZEC

Wich psu and so is delivered with it (question above)

The rig comes complete and ready to use

7,75 zec including delivery

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Sorry for the delay i was unable to reply, can you email me you address so i can see how much the cost would be to send if so then i’ll be happy to go ahead.

Ill pm you (20 charac)

iv got the cash and im in the UK if you change your mind :wink:

Since you are new, why don’t you time stamp you pic

Name, date and zcash on white blank paper… They do this on reddit, help with scamming :slight_smile: