Sending more money than requested


I sent money to a t-address, but when I check the transaction it seems that I actually sent to 2 addresses combined and I send 0.1 ZEC but it shows 0.102. It's not the fee cause the fee is 0.0001. Why is that? Here is a screen shot of the transaction.

I used the command line tool zcash-cli.

Thank you!

I dont know all the technical reasons, and someone can probably explain it better than me, but the short version is that when you send Zcash, you have to spend your whole balance on your address. so if you have some left over, it auto generates a new address for you, and sends the remainder to your new address. check your balance and it should look like you still have that .00208288 in your wallet and if you check your addresses you should have a new address.

Actually, just for this one the zcash site.
Read the section under "Change Addresses"