Payment split in two, one part disappeared

I sent some amount of zec from my zcashd Linux wallet:
zcash-cli sendtoaddress 2
my balance at the moment was something like 2.05
after that the balance became 0.00.
the appropriate transaction in the blockchain divided into two: one, for 2.00 zec going to address1, and another, for 0.05 zec going to address2.
the amount of 2.00 zec arrived safely at the address1 and is clearly seen on the balance.
the amount of 0.05 zec, however, just sunk into unknown address2.
can it be retrieved from there?

can’t edit, don’t know why.
the command I entered for sendingzec was: “zcash-cli sendtoaddress (address1) 2”

I’ve figured it out.
The address2 is another address of my zcashd account. But why the part after the decimal point got there?

After you send some amount from address A, the remaining ammount on that address is sent to a newly generated address in you wallet. Thats how transaction in zcash work.

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