October 07, 2017 - Dev update

Hi all… just want to share that I’m too tired to compile the reports of the team for a comprehensive dev update tonight. I’m traveling and have been at a conference all day. I’m going to do it in the morning (CEST) and update this text.

Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:

Edit: finished the dev update!

We’ve already started moving on the 1.0.13 release this week with reviewing some pull requests that have been sitting in our queue for more appropriate timing. We’re really excited about this release because it’s the first release not focused solely on security, stability and performance of the client and network. We have plans to introduce a couple of features in an experimental phase. Specifically, we’re hoping to introduce payment offloading and payment disclosure which have been in development and put on the backburner while we focused on aforementioned stability, security and performance.

We’re additionally hoping to introduce low-memory proving improvements and removing the concept of dust for simplification purposes.

Like with every release, as we move along with the release process for 1.0.13, we’ll have a better idea of what PRs are indeed ready enough to go into the release or whether they need more work.

This week we attended two events:

We’re also moving along with researching the transition of our blog platform to something much more scalable and accessible. The goal is to support our numerous supported languages and the diversity of content we produce in the blog so people can find the most relevant content for them.


Sleep well and know that these updates are really appreciated.

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Thank you!! :smile: :heart:

Enjoy the conference and remember to hydrate.

When should we expect the release to occur?