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Transaction expiration to reduce mempool bloat; default expiry is 20 blocks (50 min).

This should be “default expiry is 40 blocks (approximately 50 min)”.

if this is not a good place for documentation queries, feel free to move to another thread.

I’d like to know the following about zcashd behavior, but couldn’t find it in the documentation:

  • what does the flag/config option port= do?
  • what does the flag/config option onion= do? (as seen here)
  • which of the following activities does proxy= actually route through the specified proxy? (more specifically, let’s assume proxy= (Tor default), and onlynet=onion)
    • node discovery
    • block download
    • secure parameters download
    • listening for and answering requests
    • submitting transactions created by the client
    • general transaction gossip
    • (insert all other network activity I didn’t think of)
  • if I want to keep my datadir in a non-default location (and my zcash.conf in it), what are the minimum flags I can start zcashd with, and do I have to include datadir= or conf= in zcash.conf?



if anyone is wondering, I found the description of the flags/commands in zcashd’s help menu (./zcashd -help). lots of good stuff there, but this thing should really be available online as a separate, more detailed documentation.

as for my other questions, answers are welcome!

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Have you tried posting this question in the Zcash discord channels? I’ll post a link to this thread there but I know that’s usually a better place for immediate responses.

This might be useful for what you described:

Please let us know if this does not provide the information needed.