Shielded Memo for Wait-list Signup in Zero x MightyMeta Collectibles Drop

Surfacing the ideas floated by Zcash community members in MightyMeta Discord:

Bolbo Today

From what I can see, the only “fair” way to sell 200 “exclusive items accessible to anyone with a lot of money from anywhere on Earth”, is a raffle. Ask for people to join a wait-list, assign them a random number and tell everyone whether they get the slot or not. This way people don’t have to wait if they know they don’t get the slot.

I hate coinlist methods of making everyone waits until the last minute. Having one specific time to wait for queue is also unfair as people comes from different timezone and most of the time US timezones are given preference to any other timezone. I can’t understand that decision especially as US subjects are usually exempt from coinlist.

If your target is community members, then you could add a competency test or even better, require users to pay deposit with shielded Zcash which is rather hard to use unless you already know Zcash. As they are currently limited tools for shielded Zcash, it’ll be hard to integrate bots with it. However, the same way it’s hard for bots, it’ also hard to integrate shielded Zcash to your platform. (edited)

@aiyadt Today

Zcash integration can be skipped for now, all you can do is get a Zcash wallet. Put out your shielded address and then the first 200 folks to send you a shielded memo with their discord username get in to WL. This way we introduce Shielded ZEC to everyone. (edited)

Bolbo Today

First come first serve basis is unfair. Especially when demand is significantly larger than supply. Also, first come first serve basis can easily be sybil-attacked while the timezone problem is still there.Wait-list sign up with shielded wallet would be good. Then, go with a raffle by announcing it through Zcash shielded memo.

I believe this is relevant to ECC folks who are collaborating with MightyJaxx for the recently-postponed collectibles drop. While the project is being re-launched, perhaps the idea above can be considered.

This can be a great way in encouraging people to at least try shielded memo. While ZEC payment integration could take a lot of engineering resource for MightyJaxx, collecting wait-list through shielded memo is really easy. MJ and users just need to install a Zcash light-wallet. Easy for both potential buyers and the MJ folks. :smiley:

:crossed_fingers: finger-crossed this idea can reach the relevant people. cc @rosenthvl @cypherpunkZero


I love @aiyadt’s idea. Prevents frontrunning, promotes shielded, and removes the need for payment integration. Looking forward to getting my own collectible!


:100: agree! I also want to see the raffle idea implemented though. The demand is clearly higher than the supply, so, a random pick would be much better than first-come first-serve which can be easily front-run by bots.


I skimmed through lol. Raffles is definitely the more fair way to go about it given different timezones. I’m partial to first 200 because ET morning time they were using favours me :shushing_face:


Glad to see the demand!


Floating my own rather technical suggestion for a simple implementation of this:

  1. MJ set up a Zcash wallet with a Sapling address.

  2. Users can then send a shielded memo to said MJ Sapling address containing user email address that they use to sign up on MJ website.

  3. The collected email addresses would then be filtered to remove invalid addresses, unregistered users, duplicates, blocked users, spams etc.

  4. Randomly select 200 lucky users.

  5. Send lucky users an instruction email on how to finalize their purchase. Also make sure to send other users email informing that they have been unlucky. This way MJ platform won’t be full of potential buyers during the sale period since only those who got the slot will visit the website.


Note: Step 1 to 4 can be facilitated by ECC and the MJ folks just receive the list of recipient emails.


Aditya messaged me a similar suggestion that I passed along to Charlie. Ultimately it’s up to what MJ is able to support.


Okay, since I have some free time, I’m going to go ahead and make some draft FAQ for MightyJaxx. Might be useful if they want to implement the idea discussed here :sweat_smile:

Instruction for Users

To participate in CyperpunkZero drop, you need to join the wait list. Due to high demand and to ensure fair distribution, we will randomly select 200 lucky users from the wait list.

  1. First, make sure that you have signed up to our platform at

  2. Download a Zcash wallet like Zecwallet Lite. Zecwallet Lite is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

  3. Add some ZEC (Zcash) into the wallet. We have a community faucet in Discord*. Alternatively, you can buy ZEC from an exchange such as Gemini.

  4. Create a Zcash transaction by going to the “Send” tab and insert MJ’s Zcash address to the relevant field. Type your email address in the memo field. Make sure you submit the email address that you use when you signed up. Click send.

  5. Done.

We will inform you of the decision by date.

Notes: Community faucet can be set up in MightyMeta discord where new users could ask for tiny amount of ZEC, let’s say around 0.00005 ZEC, to send Zcash memo. I believe many Zcash community members will want to volunteer and donate a little of their ZEC for newcomers. Count me in as a volunteer in all this. Last time I heard ECC stil has no community manager, right? Having said all of this, I understand that it is ultimately up to ECC and MJ. They might not have any bandwidth to set this up.


Charlie shared this with MJ. We’ll see what they say!


I like the raffle idea and the incorporation shielded addresses. it is unfortunate the way this played out so far, I am glad I still have a chance to scoop one up though!


I posted a quick poll to see how the Zcash community feels about NFTs in general.

In particular with this Figure + NFT bundle I’m curious about who’s more interested in the collectible figure vs how many are interested in Zcash themed NFTs.


From MightyMeta discord, it seems there are a lot of interest on Zcash drop from non-Zcashers. Can we create a poll in Discord?


I don’t know if users can make a poll on thier Discord, may have to be a mod.


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. While the situation is fluid and details are TBC, we’re using the delay to revisit the mechanics of the Mighty Jaxx release + address concerns around accessibility.

Some of the ideas being explored include:

  • Minting NFTs on Polygon instead of Ethereum Mainnet to lower overall cost.
  • A white list or raffle system, ideally with a component involving shielded memos on Zcash.
  • Unbundling the NFTs from the toy/making NFTs an add-on to provide a lower cost option.

Please feel free to dm me with other constructive feedback—it’s very welcome. If I don’t hear from you, thanks for the continued support. We have some fun stuff dropping soon. I hope it inspires you :pray: :crossed_fingers:


Personally, I think with Vitalik being such a strong Zcash supporter it makes sense to have Zcash NFTs on ETH.

Yes, it’s a bit more expensive to mint but if you want people to take the NFTs seriously ETH is the biggest game in town.


Some really awesome ideas from @tokidoki.

I love the idea of the raffle system and adding the shielded wallets. It will make it so much more involved and hands on with the Zcash eco-system than just dropping the NFTs.

I think unbundling the NFTs from the toy/making NFTs is also a great idea.

@rosenthvl how would it work if someone wins the raffle and decides they dont want to buy it or dont have the funds to buy it? It should be worked out.


:100: Agree. The biggest NFTs are minted on Ethereum. If MJ folks want to consider L2, then ImmutableX is a much more attractive option for NFTs than Polygon. Mintable supports minting directly to Immutable X gas-free.

There should be some consequence for selected users who doesn’t exercise their right. Coinlist bans those who got the slot but not exercise their rights, from participation in future rounds.

On a second thought, this move could greatly devalue the works you folks are doing. Let’s stick to Ethereum L1. With price crashing, it should be cheaper now to mint on Ethereum.


@rosenthvl while the idea here was not implemented in the original MJ drop, I hope any future drops by ECC would prioritize spreading the idea of Zcash, including making people use Zcash before they can get one of the next 9800 items in the collection. It seems the priority of the first 200 drops is only the product sales.

Also, the distribution of the next 9800 will be done by MightyJaxx? I guess we won’t see them use Zcash then. :sweat_smile:
source: Discord

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I believe you are misinterpreting the Discord mod. Aside from airdrops associated with the toy, we (ECC) will be releasing the remaining NFTs ourselves and with support/participation of the Zcash community. We’ll release more details soon :slight_smile:


Airdrop some to community contributors :wink: