Shielded Support for Ledger Hardware Wallets (NanoS+, NanoX)

I’m posting this in a personal matter and my view does not represent ECC or ZCAP views.

I don’t doubt the capabilities of the developer of completing the grant. But I think that it is a mistake to pursue any developments without a written and legally binding commitment of the Ledger Company of certifying the shielded support once its audited with high priority and in a reasonable timing.

Ledger support developments have been done before by other teams and it was a failure because hardware wallet companies wouldn’t make the development available to their users.

The grant should be conditionally approved to that legal contract being obtained. Even grant more money for legal support to achieve that if needed.

There’s no point on spending valuable developer time and Grant Funds into a project that a company can thumb down and ban without any consequences.

I propose that ZF and ZCG should find and foster Open Hardware and open source software hardware wallets that decentralize and offer a free (as in freedom) alternative to hardware wallets.