Shock and Awe v Hearts and Minds

Err, this was what the USA labelled their tactics during “operation enduring freedom” - It failed really badly.

So badly the UK are still paying the price. “hearts and minds” was a much better military tactic, and one the british used. (usa created it before tho)

I cant begin to speak to the problems caused by the US for the UK forces (please note I am not speaking about individuals. I am speaking about policy. My heart goes out to all those involved.)

I leave you will this. (yes this conflict had deep personal impact on me) - This is the speeh given by col Tim Collins. It shows how differently we treated the war.

This is a dramatization of the actual speech. word for word. Makes me proud to be British.

This is how badly it failed. even wiki says it didn’t work


We’re talking about dropping memes on social media, not bombing a country.


I agree that Keks “metaphor” is just that and I don’t think it implies statecraft or anything like that but I think this makes a good point about memes desired effect (awareness) and actual
Guess what Im saying is lets not create mantra, its foolish


I was just pointing out that outside of the US it is a derisory term. I don’t really care what it is called. I more wanted to post tim Collins speech. This is why I created a thread in uncategorised. so it isn’t off topic.

It is just kek didn’t seem to know the history behind the phrase. idk. not my fight.

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side note - “official” name is “the sound money campaign”.