Twitter Space - Privacy, censorship and the lack of moral leadership

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I really hope to see some like minded folk such as yourselves on Saturday for a talk to explore the crucial issues of privacy, censorship and the lack of moral leadership in the West. For ZEC holders and proponents of privacy as a himan right these issues are right at the crest of the wave that threatens to crush democracy- so please do attend if you possibly can- your voices are so important and we need to be heard by the world! :grinning::shield::beginner::shield:


Could we have an abstract about how “Lack of moral leadership in the West” will be moderated?
that phrase at face value is loaded with presumptions/ subjective measures (Who is The West - What is Moral Leadership)



  1. Happy for you to co-host if you like? Then you can help to moderate this from whatever view point you hold…

  2. When I referred to ‘The West’ I suppose I was referring to the post-WW2 consensus of liberal modern democracy; insomuch that it comprises an alliance of primarily developed nations whose collective dominance in international relations in this century can trace its roots to the 19th century apex of the British Empire, through the current American military industrial complex- which could be seen itself as the American progeny of the former British Imperial project.

  3. The question of exactly what is moral leadership we will likely discuss ad nauseum on saturday(!) But as an ice breaker i should say i am referencing Nietzche and the notion that post the ‘death of God’ society is morally ruderless and thus succumbs all too readily to the temptation to assume that there our political leaders represent appropriate ethical leadership. Nietzche believed this void in post-religious global society leads inexorably to nihilsm and totalitarianism. And I would venture that the Trump phenomenon as well as the ‘liberal’ mainstream’s response to covid demonstrate that whichever side of the political divide one may identify with, nihilism and totalitarianism seem to be the only two games in town.


Ps the fact that you are using a handle that references the great man suggests we would agree on a great deal, were we to talk!

Unless you are actually Noam. In which case please defintely co-host this with me :rofl:


Excellent summary, Thanks.
Yes as you presume, we’re like minded individuals. (No, I am not Prof. Chomsky)

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Wonderful. Well I look forward to sharing ideas with you (hopefully) on Saturday. Thanks for your contribution here- it was good to be asked this and hopefully there are many other like-minded community members who will want to share their thoughts on these issues too.