Simple GUI for EWBF


Simple GUI for EWBF miner for monitoring (cool graphs) performance with restart capability on error situations. Monitors hashrate, temperature, power usage and efficiency + shows stats for Zcash price, network hashrate and difficulty. Found at:


Where does one find it?

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I’m sure paranoiac but this tool does not inspire me… :crazy_face:

Could you be little more specific? :slight_smile:

Surely a false positive… :wink:


Hmm, this is intresting as it is compiled with pyinstaller from the source.
It is open source you can download the source and compile it by yourself if you are afraid of the .rar file or run it with python. Because it is written in python, the script is readable even for beginner. I got the same result with the .rar file from my computer. I think that one who writes python would not be able to do such advanced trojan. Or if it was done with python all of those softwares would trigger alarm.