Simple GUI Miner - A front end GUI for DSTM Equihash Miner

Hey everyone.
I was bored over the weekend waiting for my Eagles to win the Super Bowl [which they did, yay!] so I dabbled with making a GUI frontend for the DSTM miner so it was a little bit more user friendly, sleek, and allowed me to save a couple of profiles so I can swap pools quickly.

On the surface, its a GUI to access DSTM 0.5.7 or later.
Underneath, it’s just plane jane DSTM miner. All mining credit and horsepower goes to him.

If you are familiar with DSTM and command line and already know whats what, then this may be of little value to you. If you use something like miningpoolhub to do your algo switching but also hop to other pools, this may simplify things for you.

It’s all open source. I have the code listed in the archive. Feel free to check it out, just promise to go easy on my horrible syntax. I’m self taught.

Made using AutoHotKey, so if you use that you can just run the .AHK file from the first archive. If you don’t feel like messing with that, the second archive contains the first archive plus a compiled version of my script, along with the 0.5.7 DSTM miner.

It’s all legit. I wouldn’t be linking to my website and youtube and stuff if I was putting backdoors in or anything, and anyway that goes well beyond my level of expertise. DSTM miner will however do its standard thing and send 2% miner fee to the author, which I fully support.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc… I’m all ears.

AHK Script Only:

AHK Script, DSTM Miner, and my compiled .EXE GUI