[ANN] Simple Rig Resetter - Hardware from simplemining.net

Hello guys.
I am announcing project i’ve been working on with one company.
Its Called “Simple Rig Resetter” - SRR
Please leave your feedback and comments or questions.
But please read whole specs before you ask anything Smiley
After some perios of questions and feedback i will announce preorders.



I’ve done this with 15$ wifi socket on esp8266 by pinging pool API in 20 minutes.

What’s the difference?

For those w/ a little bit of hw/sw knowledge, for wifi, it’s a fun little project to make your own. I think the cheapest would be w/ an espy or a chip ($5-10) - you honestly don’t need a mosfet or relay at all, a simple pulldown resistor hooked up to GPIO should do it.

If you need Ethernet/want a Linux SBC (and not some Arduino-like MCU), you’re looking at $30-35 (pcDuino3 Nano, RPi3, Odroid C1+ being your cheapest choices I think).

I have a bunch of mosfets/relays, but I like this one because it’s dirt cheap and gives good feedback (relay click and a red led when NO is active): https://www.itead.cc/electronic-brick-5v-relay.html

(You can also buy tons of USBHID relays for about $5)

I had a beaglebone lying around so here’s what I wrote (you could of course easily hookup a heartbeat to the callback or do any sort of scripting you’d want to add): GitHub - lhl/powerbutton: overly-engineered powerbutton

BTW, this is not to discourage anyone who doesn’t enjoy hacking around to just buy the SRR off the shelf, of course. But figured I’d post some related stuff since this is only being sold in Europe and with some shipping delays, but making a networked power-switch is actually one of the potentially easiest and most fun “electronics” projects for beginners/tinkerers.

Miner watchdogs and Magic SysRq kernel reboots work fine for me. I havent had to touch any of my rigs, as the software does it all.

What am I missing here?

Well obviously there’s a bunch of ways to skin a cat. If you are in a proper data center and have some combination of serial console, remote power, and wake on lan you’re probably all set. If you have a miner sitting in a garage, having a networked power button is useful if you need a way to resolve hard hangs or power loss and you don’t have a good way of hard powering down (no remote power) or hard powering up (say on wifi w/o wol). An external watchdog is also generally more reliable and flexible than an internal one, I’ve been getting a lot of hard hangs w/ various ZEC miners on both Windows and Linux over the past few weeks.

Gotcha! Maybe I’m lucky. I’ve lowered my core clocks and have sane mem clocks, so maybe thats part of it.


You can get one of these for $117. Much more sturdy, secure web-GUI, solid.

All you have to do is use a watchdog script to send the off/on command to whichever socket you want reset.

Yep, like lhl said.
And to add little bit more from me.
Out devices uses optical resistors so there is complete separation between devices.
If one device will have problem with power, or shortage or explode, rest of devices wont be harmed because there is no electrical connection between each rigs.

This is a great idea! I’ve been looking for something like this for some time. Watchdogs don’t always work if you get a complete system freeze. Sometimes you have to do a manual reboot. That requires you being at the physical location or you need to do something like this. Sometimes you get a ultra hard lock in which you have to hard power the whole system (unplug everything, plug it back in), those are pretty rare though.

The problem with smart ‘power’ strips is they cost a lot, you have to consolidate your power, and sometimes you use more then one PSU per system so its’ not a great idea.

Watch dogs don’t help when the system is hard locked and can’t even receive data.

This is a great in between and I’ve looked at something similiar that simply flips relays remotely. However, finding something like that which isn’t just a hobby project is really hard to do. What other people are suggesting is great if you like to tinker, have 1-2 miners in a DIY sort of fashion, and you have a lot of time, it’s not good for medium-large size miners or people who don’t have a lot of time though.

However, I would agree with one of the other posters. Best implementation of this is a WIFI module with a relay. What he pointed out here: WiFi Module - ESP8266 (4MB Flash) - WRL-17146 - SparkFun Electronics

If you can get those, one per system and just have them hang out above the breakout pins on the motherboard I would pay $15 a piece. Self powered from the LED cluster on the motherboard I think is do-able or one of the USB headers on the system. There are a lot of ways to do that.

One of the problems with the OP method is you have to run a bunch of wires from tons of systems to one central location and you have to have a ‘monitoring’ system on all the time. It’d definitely be better if it were integrated right into the package. It’d also be nice if you could still have a physical button at the machine available (this replaces the system power/led cluster instead of splitting it).

Nice, it’s an elegant solution. You go to the “Reset-Pin”.

I used a 4-way-Switch and for each channel a relay - 10 Euro-solder-solution.

I wrote an application (on a simple Raspi-3) which controls the rigs, if one is not respond, it cut off the energy, wait 20 seconds, switch power on again und send an magic packet to restart the rig.

Thx for your input. This is very appreciated optinion.
Powered mini wifi nodes propobly will be possible to work.
We just need to wefity this in tests and specifications of some motherboards.
Anyway little wifi nodes + one wifi naster watchdog is also possible.
But it will be greater costs for sure. I cant tell exctly but we will calculate those costs and if this will make sense then we will do also such product. If it will have sense ofcourse … and still it will be much later if even.

I have Rasbery Pi 2 which I don’t use, so I was thinking about to use it for “remote” reset or turn on/off switcher for my rig.

Is that possible if i connect reset pins on mother board and some pins on rasbery?
Do you have any software for that?

About this APC …
Seriously ?
You will connect only 2 rigs to it !
2x 800 watt - 1600 w and this is what is has a max in specification.
In mine you will can connect 8x 100000000 watts :slight_smile:
Thats the difference.
And my device has watchdog which resets automatically.
So there is totally different device.

I talk about wifi modules…
Totally out of option.
Little node with wifi module powered by motherboard pins would cost in production about 25$ so it is already too much and makes no sense.
Also making with different wireless module like BT with range of 20m, it still will costs 20$.

So there is only one solution. Cables. Long Cables which will always cost less than wifi and will be STABLE for sure.

Hmmm… Well if the controller could be integrated into the board and completely get rid of the need for a secondary PC.

Yeah, I’ve looked at doing this with a Arduino or rPi too… Never got further then that. That may actually be a even better option if you can source those components, write the software for that, and then sell them that way.

Yes, and this is what we are doing :slight_smile:
Once i will confirm all prices, specs, software functions then i will release preorders.
There are some little changes so i still dont want to make preorders :slight_smile:
Anyway we are closer and closer :slight_smile:

please let me know when this is ready… i want to order 1