Slow proving key download

Has anyone else been experiencing slow proving key downloads? It’s been quite a while since I last did it and from memory it took 15 or so minutes. A friend, with a much better internet connection, is installing the Windows port and at this rate it’s likely to take 2 hours.

Yes, having server connection errors
Edit-could be related, might just be my daemon, gonna wait

Aha. Thank you for confirming that. Is it just Windows users or anyone doing a fresh install?

I installed fresh on a second device, same issue, server connection timeout, never experienced before, i assume an outside issue, it is 1 year to the day, maybe maintenance

Installed fresh on 3rd device, both 2nd and 3rs gui’s are open but downloading chain pretty slow, 1st still fails on boot, server timeout

Also, 1st wallet is win 10
2nd win 8.1
3rd win 7
So we’ll see if thats a factor

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2nd wallet has failed, the technical
Error: couldnt connect to server: timeout reached (code 0)

If you’re up for it, could you try installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox to see if the Linux version of Zcash is any different?

Im no good with linux, wallet 3 forced a bluescreen restart around 50% sync, kerna datal input error, definitely an outside problem

Cryptopia is experiencing connection issues as well

Wallet 2 is going with 8 connections, almost 60%
Wallet 3 has 1 connection, 50%, not really moving
Wallet 1 still crashes on boot, so cmon wallet 2!
Let ya know if it works, might have to just keep trying

Wallet 2 is going and successfully imported private key, going to wait till later to try the other two