Some basic QUESTIONS about mining. I love you

  1. As FAQ of says: “In order to minimize the impact of any unforeseen problems during the
    launch of Zcash, the amount of ZEC each time a block is mined will start
    at zero and gradually ramp up to 12.5 ZEC after 34 days.”

Does that mean there will be no coins for at least few hours (or even a few days) after the launch of coin? Or there are some dudes (investors,etc) who will have to sell some in exchanges? Because as we know, poloniex gonna add Zcash very soon after the launch.

  1. I’m absolutely confused about mining (how this thing works), i’m reading an article about “equihash” algorithm and it says: “Equihash is a memory-oriented Proof-of-Work, which means how much
    mining you can do is mostly determined by how much RAM you have.”
    Article about Equihash

So, by this article I understand that you need to have a lot of RAM to get as much h/s as possible and good CPU / GPU is not necessary? But then I see all these threads about gpu, cpu mining and I don’t understand anymore. So its actually the same thing as bitcoin and its only worth mining with GPUs?..

Can someone explain whats the deal with all these RAMs when all you need to mine is actually GPU

Thank you guys, you are the best.

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With current (200,9) parameters you only need 144MB per core to maximize performance, so you’re much more likely to be short on cores rather than on RAM…

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