I thought Equihash was RAM oriented?

I’m very new to mining, but the basics of what I’ve read have all said that Equihash is RAM oriented. So more RAM = more solving. However when I look at my gpu usage stats, only 1/6th of the memory is even being used. How do I use the other 5gb?

Context matters.

What card are you using? Are you OC’ing at all? What hashrate are you getting?

Sorry, 1060 6gb, definitely OC’ing, getting ~315 Sol/s

memory hard is not the same as “needs tonnes of memory”.

Your hardware is doing all it can.

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thanks, "Equihash is a memory-oriented Proof-of-Work, which means how much mining you can do is mostly determined by how much RAM you have."
This statement seems a little misleading to me then if every card only needs a little over 1gb of RAM. I do feel a lot better knowing I’m not missing out on a ton of extra mining performance on my card. :+1:

its more de quality of the RAM and the speed not the amount.

Equihash is memory bound, but the parameters chosen by ZCash lowered the memory requirement to less than 200MB. GPUs tend to use a lot more memory to slightly improve performance, but basically 200MB is all you need.
The GPU can already exhaust its memory bandwidth within the 1GB being used,
so you cannot make good use of your other 5GB.

If ZCash switched to parameters like (n=144, k=5) then the memory required would shoot up to more than 2.5GB…


ahhhh, memory BANDWIDTH, that makes more sense.
I know I’m lucky to have Samsung memory in my unit so I was disappointed that I wasn’t using everything of something I am lucky enough to have.
thank you :slight_smile: