Sorry a little delayed with GitHib proposals


@sonya, @daira, @gtank - FYI and please take this into consideration.

Please forgive me for being up to 24hours late posting stuff to githhub. I have about 2 hrs to get it all on the forum, which I might not make, it depends.

So sorry to people, but real life has taken a real spin for me recently, that coupled with me double booking myself has meant I have messed this timing up a bit. - I have already enquired with the ECC if the 31st is a hard deadline and what timezone. Their response was,

So in response @gtank today is a particular hardship for me, sorry for not giving more warning. I don’t want other peoples proposals to suffer because of me. (@kek, @lex-node, @blocktown) and because I don’t have time today to help them through the process of githubing it. I will try to get it in on the 31st in some timezone in the world, but realistically it might not be until the 1st.

I would really appreciate it if you can afford kek, lex-node and blocktown the same curtesy, it is because of me that they will be slightly late. (although blocktown I think have done enough and even githubbed some stuff) - I believe all of their proposals to be sincere and in good faith. More over, they represent a diverse set of options and add ons.

I apologise to those who I have delayed by this.

Please be aware I am in BST (UTC+1).

Still to do:

I have a number of updates to make to my own proposals, and I still need to publish the draft of @kek’s proposal (I am going to go with the 5% until I hear back from you, I will caveat it though)

and I need to get @lex-node’s one up on the forum (I have been trying so hard with this proposal, it is a bit out of my depth in some areas) Lex’s proposal has been mentioned as a mechanism in at least one other proposal.

I have lex’s email address but it was sent via PM so I will not disclose it. Lex has expressed he will be back to clarify and reengage with the proposal in public and in private (a few times) so I am happy just templating it for the moment. - I feel by rewriting it im losing some of lex’s work. and that combined with lex really wanting to get behind his proposal, it is just getting templated.

I have two more proposals of my own which are small more mechanism proposals than anything else. These I have fleshed out but I have not yet sought community feedback - these are rolling burn and another aimed at avoiding coins being purposefully taken out of circulation for “wealth increase”.


sorry for the late response. thank you for taking the time to do this! really appreciate it. i’m in florida dealing with hurricane stuff, so i’m going to be out of commission for a minute. if you plan on still pushing a form of my proposal - please feel free to use any % you see fit.


good luck, I hope you and your family/friends are safe. - that goes for everyone in Florida.

I will try to get away with leaving it as an ambiguous 20% and put it as needed to be defined so you get a chance to think about it and it doesn’t get fixed too high or too low.

If you haven’t got back to me by the 2nd I will think of something. and push that forward for you.

I am pretty sure the 2nd/3rd is a hard deadline for ‘new’ proposals.

I am going to be away for a bit now. nothing will be posted in the next 12-18hrs. sorry everyone else.


Sounds good to me, and if I’ve understood Daira’s advice correctly, there is flexibility here. You have clearly put in the work and the forum versions already tell us a lot.


kk, they are nearly ready for the forum.

then I will go through converting them to .rst’s and adding to GitHub.

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