South Bronx Community project CTA - The Underestimated website launch!

Carlos Acevedo believes that the communities excluded by the legacy financial world are the very ones who will disrupt it. He knows what it means to be underestimated. South Bronx has a history of being low-income and high-crime. Carlos sees something else - opportunity, creativity, hustle. He understands how digital currencies, in the right hands, can make good on the promise of financial inclusion, right to privacy and security.

Back in August we worked with Carlos, and alongside other projects in the space; Gemini, Flexa, Messari and Casa and others, to help his students learn how digital currencies help their specific community. We would like to invite others in the space to join and help set up similar projects in other communities around the world. For more stories from Carlos and his students, and details on how you can help us spread the mission you can check out the new website:


This is so cool, everyone please read about it at least :sapling:

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