Suggestions for the Foundation

Creating a topic where everybody should suggest possible improvements for the foundations. I think there is a lot of room how the foundation could and should improve immediatly.

Having in mind that the foundations budget is higher than most coins/projects marketcap i have a feeling that not enough is done, processes are to sluggish and slow and the overall results are lagging or even missing. Hence i would like to adress some issues which should be corrected and i hope other community members jump into this discussion with ideas as well, suggestions as well. I think there is nothing bad on discussing various issues.

1.) Board Election. Currently 3 years if i understand the election process correct. This seems to be a too long period having in mind the the current funding period is 4 years. My suggestion is to change these to yearly Foundation Board Member Elections beginning with having new elections as soon as possible.

2.) Voting system. While the last Community Governance Panel was a first good attempt i think it could be improved further in several meanings and ways:
a.) Either improving the Community Governance Panel with more members, more popularity and better announcement.
b.) or introducing a voting system throug the qt-wallet in some way like many other projects allready have.

3.) Voting on what? I think the community is not involved enough on voting on different matters. Actually the decisions are taken by the foundation board. I suggest that eventually a lot of voting is shifted towards the community, this could include grants, allocating funds, different researches, and whatever not.
As the foundation should represent the community in many matters i think it’s just logical to have the community more involved in voting and decision making.

4.) Suggestions: Creating an official “suggestion” thread/topic/platform/ where community members can creasted suggestions, proposals, and such like so these can be voted or decided either by the foundation or the community.

5.) Grants Approvement. To improve the grants proccess these should be done on a monthly basis to ensure faster realization of such. In a fast performing crypto world this seems to be essential and important.

6.) Grants Announcements. There should be a grants announcement page on the foundations homepage. The Announcements page should as well include directions on what grants the foundation would like to have progress and applications/proposals.

7.) Research. Nearly absolutly missing whatever research. While we all here on the forum have our visions, arguments and our facts it’s a different story to have unbiased experts doing a research on a given matter that has influence on Zcash’s future. An example would be research on how blossom harmony, time locking, POS, hybrid would effect Zcash. There are way more fields for research and i think research is so far undervalued by the foundation.

8.) Website Reorganisation. I’am well aware that the technical devs and people in charge are well familar with gifthub and other information channels, but there must be an organized hub somehow, and this should be the foundations website which can be accessed from everybody, beginning from the average joe up to everybody interested in ZEC.
The web page is poorly organized so far, information is splitted on different channels and nothing is easy reach- or searchable. There doesn’t seem to be a plan how to organize the foundations website, the showcase of the foundation. This must change, eventually with the help of volunteer webmasters from the community.

9.) Technical employees. I was mentioned that technical employees are to be added in 2019 after it didn’t happen allready in 2018. As the long term target of the foundation is to take over slowly but surely Zcash’s responsibility (due my knowledge) i think it just would make sense to shift the highly qualified tech employees from Zcash over to the foundation step by step. Now only these are allready familar with ZEC but it would make even sense in my opinin. I’am not sure this is possible but it’s worth a thought.

10.) Funding: As the active funding will stop in about 2 years, make plans and prepare a proposal for an extend in funding. Recently the NEM foundation went nearly bankrupt (see news), this is not something i would like to have happening with our foundation. Hence i ask for beginning at least with discussion how proper funding can be granted long term.

11.) Innovation. Something i totally miss. Seriously, i have not seen anything innovative from the foundation so far. This should be improved.

12.) Alliance or strategical alliances. Maybe creating or being part of an cyrpto alliance with choosen projects could improve the efficiency of the foundation. It could result in sharing costs for research, grants, whatever could be a way to be more efficient. Maybe it’s worth some thoughs and discussion if this could lead to some positive results. It’s actually allready included under the Foundations Values “Cooperation with other cryptocurrencies.

13.) Social Platforms: This is a hard one, but i think we lack as well presence on public social platforms and only cover some. This should be improvement in my opinion. As i’am personally not a fan of many of these but see how it might help popularization of ZEC i leave this to others to make suggestions on how this could be improved.

14.) Decentralization: From the foundations page: “…we will seek to minimize, monitor and mitigate centralization.” I’am not aware of any monitoring, analyzing and similar so far other than here and there some personal opinion and that’s it. In my opinion nothing has be done to combat centralization at this point which might leave a whole bunch of attack/censorship/other vectors open in future. This should be improved in my opinion. Actually it should be one of the piority goals of the foundation in my opinion.

15.) place holder for community and forum member suggestions that hopefully add their views as well how the foundation could improve…

These suggestions are made in good faith to improve many things. I’am far away from thinking i’am right on everything and in case i’am wrong on some suggestions/thoughts/comments, even better. If not, than i think it’s worth at least to think about some points and take some critique on given matters. Improvement of any little point will help us all long term. Just my 2 cents.


As far as the funding goes, I always assumed they would do something like create a new coin and port the current Zcash over as an airdrop with a new more sustainable ICO. Obviously there’s both pros and cons to that argument, but without Zcash as we know it the privacy coin market it going to be pretty darn bare.

This constructive suggestion thread is excellent and keep it up. I want to offer a couple responses, but trying to keep it on topic as additive suggestions rather than arguing over them.

  • On (3) and an assumption underlying some of the other points: IMO the foundation should NOT take over and Zcash should NOT just switch from influence concentration on the company to influence concentration on the foundation. Hence the greater emphasis on indirect support of activity by independents rather than solely in-house work is partially by design. The foundation is just one entity. Don’t expect to depend on it for everything. Though all of your bulleted points are valid anyway (it’s not an excuse for failing to innovate) but just keep this framing in mind.
  • Let’s clarify two kinds of “voting on what” (3).
    A) Votes on operation of the foundation itself. When the foundation hosts a vote about the foundation itself, this is largely about dogfooding the process. I don’t think we should turn the entire entity over to a vote because a) having a motivated and empowered executive like Josh is more effective than driving by committee, b) there’s a risk of capture because votes are pretty difficult to organize too. Still I think we should do this more and more.
    B) If community votes are as a reliable and legitimate way of identifying consensus and/or settling on a tough choice, then the community can use it to coordinate. We can’t exactly bind the company, but it could help galvanize the community to fork away from the company, for example, if that’s the consensus decision. It’s possible the foundation could conduct a vote, even if the vote isn’t “on” the foundation or he company. Does that resonate?
  • on (1) i plan to go up for re-election. I think until we really believe in the process we shouldn’t turn over a majority of the board in a single cycle.
  • on (4) an official place for suggestions… this thread itself seems to do it


15.) Wallet related:

  • a.) consider introducing a paper wallet. Especially for newbies and less technical advanced people this seems to be a good alternative wallet.
  • b.) web wallet or “hybrid”/keystore file wallet desktop/web, desktop/phone, web/phone. Might be an idea worth discussing. Currencies i have seen such XEM, NULS, NEBULAS.
  • c.) GUI wallet. The released qt wallet is a good step forward, but as we are behind anyway, a top notch gui wallet should be on the to-do list as well.
  • d.) chrom/opera/others browser wallet extension? I’am personally not a fan of it, but it might be worth thinking about it.
  • e.) Try to add ZEC to the Huobi Android/IOS exchange wallet. Just an idea.
  • f.) Try to add ZEC to the Trust Android/IOS multi wallet. Just an idea.
  • g.) Freewallet has ZEC allready on it’s multi currency wallet as well as a stand alone ZEC android wallet. They call the android wallet on google play “Zcash Wallet”, this should be checked as it might lead to confusion once our ZEC android wallet is released the next weeks…
  • h.) Atomic Wallet has ZEC allready on it’s multi currency wallet, soon to come atomic swaps. Add links on the wallet page (Should be adressed to zcash co but adding it here).
  • i.) Bixin seems to be some chinese android/web? wallet with build in exchange feature. Might be worth adding to the wallet page.
  • j.) seems to have ZEC listed as well on it’s multi currency wallet including an exchange feature. Might be worth adding on the wallet page.
  • k.) Suggest including ZEC on the Edge multi currency android/ios wallet.
  • l.) Seems ZEC is listed on the ethos multi currency ndroid/ios wallet, might be worth mention this one as well on our wallet page.
  • m.) create a video AND a written step by step guide for the QT wallet. Should be a must in my opinion for wallets that are official, inhouse or funded and are technically more difficult for new users (see example guide below).
  • n.) Trying to add ZEC to KEEP KEY’s hardware wallet?
  • o.) Nickname aliases. Saw some projects use either aliases or nicknames instead of difficult to remember adresses, could this be something for ZEC in future as well?
  • p.) Verify Before Sending. The wallet verifies that a ZEC address exists before you can send to that address. Could help to avoid a lot of error and mistake sendings. Not sure this is possible but suggesting it.
  • r.) On the zcash wallet page, find some way to favour the few inhouse/granted/“official”/wished-to-use wallets like the qt ZEC wallet, cli wallet, and the coming android wallet to favour the usage of these compared to the other wallets offered.

Reference Links:
for a.)
for b.)
for e.)
for f.)
for g.)
for h.)
for i.)
for j.)
for k.)
for l.)
for m.)
for n.)
for o.)


I’ve noticed when zec qt wallet is booting the main window cannot be minimized or adjusted