Technical Indicators for Trading

Are others actively trading? If yes, what technical indicators is everybody using?

I personally use a lot of technical indicators to help me finding a good entry/exit point, but i’am curious if others are doing it the same way or on which technical indicators everybody is using so it would be nice if we can exchange experience of the use/results with these.

Here are the ones i use:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Adcanced Ichimoku Cloud
  • EMA Cross
  • MA/EMA Cross
  • Fisher Transform Indicator by Ehlers
  • Wave Trend by Lazy Bear
  • Trix
  • DMI
  • Stoch Rsi
  • On Balance Volume Oscillator by Lazy Bear
  • Squeeze Momentum Indicator by Lazy Bear
  • Accumulative Swing Index
  • Accumulation/Distribution
  • SMI Ergodic Indicator/Oscillator

using them on 4h, 2h, 1h, 30m and 15m charts.

I don’t use any support lines, pitchforks, patterns, whatever else as i came to the conclusion that the support lines are missleading and distracting me more than they are helping.

So far i got the best results in using these and i’am more than satisfied so far.

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Why do all the homework when AI can find and analyze all the patterns for all the coins?

did you test it? How much % return average per day?

I used to have the “highest level” with 50’000.

Personally I’d say that randomly picking coins and indicators would’ve been more effective xD

I took a view on it, but it seems not to be what i’am looking for and making some bucks from swings and up and downs. As well the all over success level of ~70% isn’t something i feel as comfortable as with my own technical indicators i use and choosing personally entry/exit points…

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All you need with the RSI, MACD, and the Willy. I like OBV CCI to confirm price trends. I search for Ws on those indicators. Also a huge fan of fib levels if you understand their levels.