The First Zcash Foundation Weekly Update

I just sent this out to the Zcash Foundation newsletter. Below, I collapsed or removed a few sections that would be old news to frequent forum readers. But here’s a link to the full, original version for anyone who’s new or hasn’t checked in much lately :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! This is a long newsletter, so the most important items are first:

  • Please join the ongoing discussion of future Zcash development funding. If you want to have a say in what happens, now is the time to speak up.

  • “The Zcash Foundation and Parity Technologies are proud to present Zebra, a consensus-compatible Zcash node client written in Rust” — read all about it!

  • We released the Zcon1 recap, videos (with slides!), and photos :movie_camera::confetti_ball::zebra:

In addition, please note the “Newsletter Changes” section below.

ZF Grants Progress

We know that many of you are eager for an update on ZF Grants. Here’s the latest:

Newsletter Changes

[I cut this whole section. That part that’s relevant for forum users who don’t subscribe to the newsletter: I’m going to cross-post the same information here, on a weekly basis, just like I’ve been cross-posting the monthly updates that ZF sends to the general mailing list. Since it would be redundant to continue cross-posting the monthly updates, I plan to stop doing that. Let me know if you object.]

June Overview

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We published five blog posts in June:

What kind of social mores will keep the project healthy, and how can we codify those without delaying progress too much? Zcash multisig governance is one answer to those questions, and we’re currently exploring and iterating on how it ought to work. Ideally, over the next few years, Zcash the protocol will be defined by a multisig governance model, where 2-of-2 consent is required to modify the protocol or introduce new features.

Consult our June monthly update for a thorough list of, well, everything that happened in June. (If you care about privacy, which seems like a safe bet, the new Zcash posters are guaranteed to make you smile!)

July So Far

Links to earlier Zcon1 media coverage are available in the recap blog post.

Zcash Ecosystem Highlights

  • A website that counts down to the next Zcash halving.

  • The “State of Privacy Coins” report, which was presented to institutional investors as part of a Coinbase initiative, then shared publicly via Twitter.

  • Technical AMA with the Electric Coin Company team.

  • Rainey Reitman of the EFF: “Poorly-crafted legislation could impose privacy-invasive regulations in the name of combating money laundering that could undermine new cryptocurrency technologies like ZCash [sic] and Monero, which endeavor to provide digital currency users with some of the same financial privacy enjoyed by anyone who uses cash.”

That’s all until next week! If you read this far, cheers, the zeal spirit is appreciated :zebra::wink:


that was cool and brilliant…

This is the first time I’m seeing this service. Unfortunately the countdown isn’t accurate. Just sent them a Twitter DM to note that their current countdown is off by 10k blocks (see Frequently Asked Questions - Zcash) and that the faster blocks consensus change in Blossom will also affect that number, though we don’t know what that number is, yet.

Great update overall, @sonya! Thanks for bumping up the frequency of Foundation updates! :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out to them, Paige!

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