End of February 2018 Update

Note that this is a repost from the Zcash Foundation General Mailing List, which you can join here: https://lists.z.cash.foundation/mailman/listinfo/general . Wanted to cross-post for general visibility

February 2018 Zcash Foundation Update

Dear ZcF General Subscribers,

In an effort to provide greater visibility into the Zcash Foundation,
I’ll be writing end-of-the-month updates on our work by posting to
this list. Attempting a monthly cadence, but may adjust as we learn.

Without further adieu, here are the updates for the month of February,
in no particular order:

I was appointed Executive Director, in addition to preparing and
presenting a vision/roadmap doc to the Board. More info in the blog
post: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/exec-director-and-roadmap/ I’m
really excited to represent the Zcash Foundation and looking forward
to our work this year.

Powers of Tau continues! It’s been coordinated on a Foundation mailing
list, though all credit for organizing and maintaining goes to Sean
Bowe and Jason Davies. There’s still time to participate—if you’re
interested, join the mailing list here:
https://lists.z.cash.foundation/pipermail/zapps-wg/ and request to

We are beginning the planning process for the 2018Q2 grant program. We
have $125k slated for the program this time around, but the amount may
be increased with some outside support. Draft Q2 grant process
available here:
Feedback is most welcome!

Additionally, we have encouraged 2017Q4 grant recipients to post their
updates to this list; Guarda and Coincentrix have been quite
communicative either here or on GitHub—other grant receivers, if
you’re reading this, please consider posting. :wink:

We have been diligently planning Zcon0—our first conference, and what
we’re hoping will be the preeminent event on privacy technology in
cryptocurrencies. It’s June 25th-28th in Montreal, and if you’re
interested attending, the application is available here:

As part of the Zcon0, we’re going to certify votes from the community
to determine new board members and elect (or reject) current board
members. There’s long discussion on the governance issue available

but at the conclusion of that debate Zcash Foundation Board Chairman
Andrew Miller posted this governance election proposal:
As you might have guessed by now, feedback is very much welcome,
either here or on GitHub!

We’ve been actively pursuing hires for protocol development, web
contracting, and communications—either full time or contractors.
Pertinent GitHub Issues here:
If you
have any interest, please reach out to me directly (this address: josh
[at] z.cash.foundation).

Thanks all,

Josh Cincinnati
Executive Director, Zcash Foundation