The tiniest support for our donator dependant friends?

Hi guys! I was wondering if we could budget out maybe even 200 or 300$ per month as a gesture of good-will to some of our friends in the community. A lot of these projects even struggle with so much as hosting costs, and are completely developed for free. I think it would be a ton of free credit to Zcash, and what’s more, it would help a bunch to them too!

Bisq <<== Decentralized exchange that lists Zcash (be first officially supported altcoin donation?)
I2P <<== One of the first Decentralized anonymity/darknet tools
Tor Project <<== Everybody knows Tor! Amazing anti-censorship tool for people living in oppressive regimes
Whonix <<== Whonix is a great privacy-centric operating system for those who like running Linux. Tons of great work here!
Tails <<== Tails is probably the most extreme privacy operating system - with very strict and thorough coding practices, it’s almost a work of art
Kovri <<== While Kovri is a Purple I2P fork developed by a lot of users in Monero, it’s being developed in such a way that Zcash can add it too
Debian <<== One of the leading user operating systems for Free and Open Sourced Software. These guys are legends

Honestly just some thoughts, I’m sure they would appreciate it. Just the smallest bit of help goes a long way with any of them, and maybe Zcash could straight up sponsor and form a “partnership” with one or two :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea, maybe it could be worked into the next round of the Zcash Foundation Grant program? CC @acityinohio



nice input!


Love this idea; I think we can either fit in with the Grant program (which we may be re-working for next quarter) or propose it as part of next year’s budget to the Board.