The total mining shares not tally with the total in the dashboard

Hi Support Team,

I'm new to zcash mining in flypool. When I mining for almost 4 hours, the total shares that I received more than 500++ shares but why in the Dashboard only shown less than 200 shares in total ?

1) Where do I find the missing shares ?
2) Can you investigate why this happen ?
3) What is flypool has done to encounter this issue where I read in the forum many shares that been mine in this web have been stolen by someone else ?
4) How do you fix & solutions for this issue that been reported long time back ?
5) I'm using Claymore v9.3 Beta to mine zcash, please help to solve this issue accordingly ?

Your cooperation & response much appreciated.


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Best to ask this question in the flypool thread where they will see it.

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