Reduced number of shares on miner(dtsm) but ok on Flypool

Did anyone noticed reduced amount of shares from yesterday?
As firstly started with disconnecting my 5 rigs from Flypool yesterday alsmost every 15-30 minutes. They whet it stoped I’ve noticed that for example on one rig, which has just one card, number of submited shares, dropped from 700-800 to only 100 for 12 hours. This has caused on this particular rig to have for example gap between submitted shares to be bigger that 15-20 minutes. Also on all other rigs submitted number of shares dropped in same proportion.
On pool side number of shares is same, which means that each share is much more valuable. But now as number of shares has dropped, percentage of invalid shares has increased, as previously was 0.7-0.8% but now is more than 1%.
This is not linked to my internet as I’ve rigs on two different locations with different ISP. Also I’ve tried all servers on Flypool but it is same thing.

yeah I noticed too. It looks like the difficulty was adjusted upwards. Maybe to prepare for the Z9?

Hello! I noticed that too, and this is from the pool because after I changed to dwarfpool it gave me normal number of shares… I like very much flypool but until situation normalize, I will use dwarf… :wink:

Same happened here, I switched back to miningpoolhub. I hope it gets fixed soon.

You should still be getting paid the same. It looks like less shares in the miner software but Flypool still lists about the same number in the dashboard.

Yes, I’m getting same earnings. But for first two days I had much more invalid shares, in percentage, but now it looks like that is almost the same.
Only now if you have PC with only one card, like what I’ve on my one rig, time between submitted shares is now often more than 15 minutes and I had to disable option on FarmWatchBot check if share is not submitted in 15 minutes to restart miner, as it was restarting also PC after some amount of errors.

As @JKDC is saying probably they are preparing for Z9

Sorry, but how with reduced shares earnings are the same, I don’t get it?

As, according to Flypool support, submited share is not equal to share on pool. For example one my rig is submiting around 10 shares for every 10 minutes but on pool side that is around 80 shares. How they are calculating it beats me. But what upset me is that they have not post any explanation on their web site, and how share are calculated now.
Also I’ve noted that now curent hash rate is oscillating much more than previously. And average is not any more alsmot flat line, as it was before but that is also fluctuating.

I think each share is just 8x more difficult or so. You earn 8x more per share roughly so it balances out. It would be nice if it would say so in the miner window.

Completely agree with that, it would be nice to have any kind of heads up either on miner or on their web site.

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