The Trailing Finality Layer

is anything real going to happen in 2024 that takes the protocol closer to Proof of Stake?
theres a lot of good research but nobody can see anything tangible happening for Zcash right now, is late 2025 a good estimate for when changes might actually get into the Zcash software???

@nathan-at-least @daira anybody else that would have a clue

Yes, work is being done but we haven’t committed to an official roadmap yet. We’ll be discussing the research completed to date and our intended path ahead at our Zeboot event the end of the month. I’ll post a more detailed agenda this Friday. The current set of activities are documented in the TFL research DAG here.


I think that something that ought to be rediscussed at Zeboot is TFL vs transitioning in one step. I have been supportive of the two step approach in the past, but personally I have begun leaning more towards transitioning in one step because of speed and complexity.


i never really understood why we are looking for a hybrid POS & POW system, does this not require to rebuild everything when we decide to switch to POS only?

why not go to POS now?

the hybrid system would also only take half of the selling pressure of miners.
and as someone on the telegram group recently said, those that currently hold ZEC are the true believers, and i tend to agree with this. best conditions for stakers in the network!


Nate listed the pros and cons here.

So the main benefit is potentially not disrupting the ecosystem if something goes wrong with the PoS protocol, as the PoW protocol could keep going. I am not sure how valuable this benefit is in practice. I mean there are probably 0 (or very close to 0) people in the world who rely on Zcash for their day-to-day purchases, we are already seen as a risky asset, and we don’t have any on-chain Defi that would be disrupted either. We would take a reputational hit for sure, but it is already pretty low and I don’t see any catastrophic consequences that would justify the increased time and complexity of the two-step solution. We are already trying to increase development speed and simplicity by switching to Zebra, the hybrid protocol could cancel out the benefits.

I say just develop a pure PoS Zcash and let the difficulty bomb kill the PoW chain.


that was a great read, thanks @Milton

i agree on all your points, POS is the way to go! less complex and not as complicated as a hybrid, that either way most likely will switch to POS later on.

one thing that i would like to note, nate stated at the cons “losing miners”
that point needs some additional comments… we have already lost the miners a long time ago. (at the time where we decided to go with asics)

they sell their ZEC for BTC as soon as they get it, and they also don’t care about security, as we all can see how they choose the mining pools. (VIABTC currently has 58% of the hasrate)

replacing them with diamond hand believers of Zcash is a nobrainer to me!
Let’s make it happen.